Fomenting Ferment

Mess wi’ we, would thee?

Alistair Darling has created quite a stir by upping the tax on our cider. Facebook’s ‘Leave Our Cider Alone!‘ group, created only yesterday, now has approaching 30,000 members. The Wurzels have pledged their support and the race is on to get ‘I am a Cider Drinker‘ to No. 1 in the charts.

David Cameron has got in on the act, claiming that the Government “doesn’t understand the West Country”. In fact, media analysis shows that the Government understands only too well. With Labour support in the South West the lowest for any of the Prescott zones, the Government knows it has nothing to lose by hammering cider. You wouldn’t expect it to go after whisky now, would you? But with House of Commons catering subsidised by the taxpayer, do any of them, whatever their party, understand anything?

A vote for Cameron is not a vote for change. The Tories stubbornly oppose the kind of constitutional reform that would place Wessex beyond Labour’s grasp by returning to us – permanently – the power to shape our own lives. No matter how long they hold office, the Tories must lose again one day and Labour’s votes, piled up in the nations and regions beyond Wessex, will again determine our fate. Until we vote for the one party truly committed to ending the see-saw for good – the Wessex Regionalists, the party for Wessex.

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