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Colin Bex issued the following press release today:

“Dear Eastleigh residents,

This is to confirm my pleasure at having had the privilege of being able to offer you the opportunity of voting for two of the most necessary changes in government to prevent this part of your Wessex region from being targeted as a continued victim of crippling austerity by Westminster and Brussels.

I congratulate the 30 people who had the wit and courage to vote for these changes, and I would be pleased were you all to contact me at to arrange a meeting in the town in the next month or so to discuss how we may consolidate our support and plan another battle for democracy in the 2015 General Election – this time with a full slate of candidates around the counties.

With a little under half the electorate refusing to vote, yesterday, and at least 90 spoilt ballot papers, the Liberal Democrat candidate was returned with less than 17% support from the constituency, thus committing you to business-as-usual by undemocratic diktat.

Any reasonable person will see that as an entirely unacceptable basis to justify the histrionic delight demonstrated by that candidate and his supporters at the count early this morning, at seizing power and embroiling us all in the further damage to be visited on Eastleigh by the callous, unrepresentative ConDem coalition government in the months and possibly years to come.

During my campaign over the last two weeks, I met only one person who openly condemned the Wessex Regionalist proposals, and that on the false ground that they would cause too many new levels of government. In fact of course we propose fewer levels than at present, with the crucial difference that the ‘top’ level regional assembly and ‘upper’ level county councils would be answerable to the ‘lower’ level parish councils – unlike the reverse top-down imperative to divide and rule, as at present.

Finally I would thank all the delightful people I met – both candidates and citizens, especially the staff at the Wagon Works pub, and the council officers who enabled me to stand with efficiency, courtesy and friendship.

Until 2015 – good wishes to all
Colin Bex,
Parliamentary candidate,
Wessex Regionalists – the party for Wessex”

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