Another Fine Miss

“The slightly eccentric Wessex regionalists have been around for a while but tend to be backward-looking and potentially reactionary.”

So writes Professor Paul Salveson in his online newsletter, Salvo.  It’s always good to see regionalism recognised, but it’s simply sloppy to misrepresent us.
We’d prefer to describe ourselves as more than usually different, and refreshingly so.  Has the prof read any of our recent stuff?  Pro-rail, conscious of Peak Oil, with no time for any of the London-obsessed dinosaur parties.  Far more forward-looking in fact than any of the alternatives.  Wessex is about the future; it’s the UK – with its silly wartime compass-point regions and utter paranoia about any identity but its own – that is stuck in the past.  All politics is ‘potentially reactionary’ – we don’t listen to lectures from New Labour on that – but it’s up to those of goodwill to work together to ensure it stays true to sound ideals.
Should we post the above response on the prof’s page perhaps?  Already done.

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