Ready, Steady, Go!

Today, the 55th Parliament of the United Kingdom was dissolved, marking the official start of the campaign to elect its successor 38 days from now.

Our President, Colin Bex, issued a final appeal yesterday for candidates to stand with him in defence of Wessex:
“Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of your Wessex region.  We are looking for four women and four men true to stand with us for Parliament in a Wessex constituency of their choice, ideally one in each of our eight shires.  Nominations close on 9th April, so if interested, please contact Colin at further information.”
Colin remains committed to seeking election even if he happens to be the Party’s sole candidate.  Cost continues to be a disincentive for many who might otherwise stand, as candidates will need to finance their own campaign, including the printing of 10,000 or more leaflets for free distribution by the Royal Mail.  The £500 election deposit remains in place as a punishment for those daring to challenge the cosy cartel.

It’s a common perception that Wessex is an affluent area, well able to finance any bid for freedom.  With housing costs pushed up by London overspill, and retirement and second homes, and travel costs by the relative absence of modern public transport, the reality for many is that Wessex is not at all the ‘soft south’.  While the Party’s support on Facebook and Twitter continues to grow daily, backing of that sort costs nothing.  Joining the Party, and donating to it, is the only way to move it on from words to deeds.  It doesn’t cost much, individually, but it’s a commitment that needs to be made across the board.

The media, having flirted with challenger parties ever since the autumn, are now once more focused on who will occupy No 10.  The gap between the challengers and the old parties is opening up again as the politics of fear is brought on to dampen down debate.  Closing that gap is key to achieving a Parliament that is genuinely representative of the diversity of public opinion, a Parliament whose deliberations matter and which is not merely a rubber stamp for the imperious decisions of an elected dictator.  Another hung Parliament is not a continuing disaster but a democratic necessity.

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