Cameron’s Cocoon

Guest contribution by Colin Bex, Wessex Regionalist candidate for Witney

It was a cynical charade of a hustings on Friday, organised by Churches Together against democracy, from which not only a majority of candidates was excluded, so too I learn were the local and national press, all of whom informed me they were not best pleased, and took numerous shots of all of us demonstrators outside the church.

The final straw came when I and the press were waiting to lobby Cameron as he exited from a secluded side-door of the church, when MI5, MI6 – and for all I know the FBI – surrounded the entourage and hustled them down a yet more remote path and on into one unmarked vehicle of a number of armoured Chelsea tractors in which they were whisked away into the Witney darkness to destinations unknown.

There should be a case against this with the Electoral Commission – any one up for it?  I’m rather tied up just now…
A letter in today’s Oxford Mail by local Brigitte Hickman sums up the proceedings well, while a reportin yesterday’s edition includes a reference to Wessex Regionalists amongst those demonstrating outside for having been banned from participating.
I am keeping an eye out for hustings in the constituency and will post details.  That’s all for now – back to the campaign trail.

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