1. Legislation exists to protect consumers getting a raw deal from private suppliers of goods and services.  Consumers of public services have been getting a raw deal for years and are allowed no redress.
  2. Public spending is dominated by the Treasury.  Absurd economic theories and accounting doctrines have wrecked services.  Local authorities and health trusts are being forced into costly and undemocratic Private Finance Initiatives and Public Private Partnerships.  It is time the Treasury was cut down to size and made our servant, not our master.  Proper government funding of public services by correctly targetted taxation will take the place of ‘funny money’ deals with private financiers.  Well-managed spending where necessary to rebuild public services and fund the transition to a sustainable economy would yield massive and increasing savings, and not just financial ones.
  3. Direct State provision of services is just one of a number of possible models but advantages and disadvantages must be frankly and fairly assessed.  Cheapest is not necessarily best.

A regionalist government in Wessex will:

  • tell the truth about public finance, allowing informed judgments to be made on taxation and public spending, taking account of the true, long-term costs of various funding options.

Meanwhile, the Wessex Regionalists will:

  • seek to involve local communities more in the planning and delivery of local services, working with the voluntary sector to maximise the impact of resources deployed, whilst guarding against the distortion of public policy by special interest groups seeking to run public services.

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