Men and Women

  1. On average, women live longer than men, yet the retirement age for men is 5 years later than for women.
  2. Many women in Britain today have to put up with low paid and part-time work to support their families.  Women are also poorly represented in many areas of public life such as our elected authorities at all levels.
  3. Parents are often forced to juggle their lives around some of the worst child-care facilities in Europe.

A regionalist government in Wessex will:

  • legislate to equalise the treatment of men and women under the law, including the immediate introduction of equal pension rights and an equal retirement age for both sexes
  • provide incentives to improve child-care facilities, while tightening regulation of child-care providers to ensure minimum standards.

 Meanwhile, the Wessex Regionalists will:

  • campaign for local authorities in Wessex to become model employers in regard to child-care provision.

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