1. In ‘prosperous’ Britain, two-thirds of the workforce are no longer in secure, holidays-and-benefits jobs.  As pressures on the environment mount, wealth distribution as we know it – the ‘jobs’ system – will start to buckle.  We need to address these issues.  Our policies for           re-localisation of the economy aim to help shield Wessex to some extent but we can no longer expect market forces at any level to see us through.  The business-as-usual politics of Westminster is not a viable option.
  2. Of great importance to our goal of a sustainable society is a reduction in the length of the working week.  Today, some work harder than is good for them, while others are unemployed.  Freeing people’s energies from formal work will enable them to invest instead in the development of their local communities.  Done on a sufficient scale, this would more than compensate for reduced income in the formal economy and would deliver both personal and community benefits.

A regionalist government in Wessex will:

  • seek to protect employment rights and working conditions through international and especially European co-operation
  • seek a reduction in the working week.

 Meanwhile, the Wessex Regionalists will:

  • campaign for the United Kingdom to take a leading role in the defence of workers’ rights.

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