Governing Nationally

So long as Westminster and Whitehall are responsible for affairs in Wessex, the Wessex Regionalists will continue to contest elections to the United Kingdom Parliament.  We shall campaign for reforms to the structure and operation of government at that level to improve democratic accountability.  For example, one-fifth of the House of Commons should be elected each year, keeping Governments responsive to public opinion and allowing for a smoother transition between parties. The House of Lords should be replaced by a chamber of delegates appointed by Wessex and the other regions and nations of Britain.

A regionalist government in Wessex will:

  • defend its right to comment on the exercise of powers retained at the Westminster level
  • work with Wessex Regionalist MPs at Westminster in defence of Wessex interests.

 Meanwhile, the Wessex Regionalists will:

  • campaign for reforms at the Westminster/Whitehall level to improve democratic accountability.

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