Needling Doubts

News reaches us that Occupy Bristol are finally departing from College Green, after weeks of treating PUBLIC open space as somewhere to set up their own Third World shanty town, having first failed to find anywhere more relevant to squat. Surprise, surprise, there are syringes all over the place. It seems that those who wanted to sort out the world couldn’t even sort themselves out.

The Occupy movement have been exposed as a disgraceful disappointment to reformers everywhere, setting back necessary changes by at least a generation, just as the ‘establishment’ planned all along, no doubt with the aid of police insiders. Any fool can be ‘anti’ capitalist, or claim to speak in the place of the millions who actually voted FOR the status quo. It takes brains to articulate a viable alternative and WORK for it consistently. All the ideas needed already exist. We’ve been accumulating them and arguing for them for over 40 years. We’ve even been willing to share them with Occupy folk who will listen.

Are they interested? In building a political party, one of a network of regional movements committed to radical transformation? No. In growing a new, sustainable economy to spearhead transition to a world free from London dominance? No. In rediscovering and revitalising our own unique culture, through living life in a land of which we can all be proud? No. So guess who’s laughing all the way to the bank.

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