Roger & Out

Over on the east side of Mercia, a seven-year old boy has been told by the local council that he’s not allowed to fly a pirate flag in the garden. It’s a breach of planning law, one that could mean a fine of up to £2,500. And no, it’s not the council’s fault that they have to uphold silly laws from Westminster, laws that they’d never even have imagined if they’d had the choice.

The story sounds ridiculous in the extreme, especially when, as the icing on the cake, we’re warned that flying the Jolly Roger might encourage piracy. Until you remember that it’s equally against the law to fly the Wessex flag in Wessex. Presumably because it might encourage identity, and dangerous thoughts of self-government? Of throwing off the London yoke and making our own decisions? Even tiny little decisions, like what flags we’re allowed to fly…

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